The logo of the iWin Toolbar.

iWin Toolbar is a search engine hijacker that uses Blackhat SEO techniques to force hits on its site, which increases the site's revenue.

About iWin Toolbar

iWin Toolbar uses Blackhat SEO methods to force search hits on the site, which increases revenue. iWin Toolbar is a toolbar provided by Conduit Search. iWin changes your search engine to and installs the iWin Toolbar.

Steps to Remove iWin Toolbar

Windows XP+

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program
  2. Find any items named Search Protect by Conduit, iWin Toolbar, Password Box, Smileys We Love, or any unknown software that has recently been installed.
  3. Remove iWin Toolbar & Conduit Search from your browser.
  4. Check our tutorial on how to remove toolbars from your browser, if you don't know how.
  5. Download AdwCleaner and run. AdwCleaner will remove any iWin Toolbar files.
  6. Double-check with HitmanPro.

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