NATIONZOOM is a search engine hijacker, which redirects the user's browser to Once it arrives at your system, it will change the default search engine to Search results are redirected to affiliated websites and forces the user to click pop-up advertisements as a way to generate revenue. As with other hijackers, it is usually bundled with freeware and shareware downloads.


This section requires expansion. You can help the Searchengines Wiki by adding reliably sourced information. is a browser hijacker. It is classified as so because it redirects the user's default search engine to This is a redirect trick use to force hits on a website, which generates ad revenue. also keeps track of users browsing data via cookies.

Steps to Remove

For Windows XP and Higher:

  1. Download RKill to terminate any programs that will interfere with the removal process. [1]
  2. Once it is downloaded, double-click on the iExplore.exe icon in order to automatically attempt to stop any processes associated with and other Rogue programs. When it has finished, the black window will automatically close and you can continue with the next step. If you get a message that RKill is an infection, do not be concerned. This message is just a fake warning given by when it terminates programs that may potentially remove it. If you run into these infections warnings that close RKill, a trick is to leave the warning on the screen and then run RKill again. By not closing the warning, this typically will allow you to bypass the malware trying to protect itself so that rkill can terminate
  3. Download MalwareBytes to terminate [2]
  4. Open mbam-setup.exe.
  5. Once installed, run a Full Scan. This will terminate Nationzoom and any malicous programs on your computer.
  6. After the scan is over, make sure all of the detected programs are checked with a green mark, then hit Remove Selected
  7. Now, you must download Shortcut Cleaner to remove from infected shortcuts. [3]
  8. Open ss-cleaner.exe. It will scan for any shortcuts hijacked by malicous programs.
  9. After, Shortcut Cleaner has finished removing Nationzoom, you must reset your browser.
  10. Don't know how? Click here for a tutorial!