FANDOM is a fake search engine hijacker that reportedly hijacked Buckyfan99.


Buckyfan99 downloaded a torrent client, and opened up Google Chrome to find that his search engine had been changed to a fake, almost identical version of Yahoo! Search, with the only major difference being that the URL was rather than the URL of the official search engine. According to Buckyfan99, the fake search engine was made by Sigot Inc, though he is unsure whether or not it was the company.

Discussion on Searchengines Wiki

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A discussion was created on the Searchengines Wiki Forums by Helixsoft on January 16, 2014 about the incident, due to Yahoo! Search being listed as a possible browser hijacker on one page. After 2 days, Buckyfan99 and Helixsoft reached an agreement that the Yahoo! Search clone was a fake, and the discussion was closed thereafter.

On January 22, 2014, however, after reading a Wikipedia article, Buckyfan99 stated in a forum post titled I KNOW THE TRUTH! that the fake Yahoo! Search was powered by

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